Registration steps

meetings and outings

  • Our pack meets August - May

  • Entire Pack meets once a month

  • Dens meet once or twice a month either as a meeting or outing

  • Can I drop my scout off at meetings? Kinder and 1st grade Scouts must be supervised by an Adult Partner (e.g. parent, grandparent, or sibling over 18 years old) at all meetings and activities. Dens for older scouts will decide what works best for their meetings.

  • Can siblings attend? Cub Scouting is a whole-family activity. Families, including siblings, are welcome at camp outs and pack events. Ask your Den Leader if siblings may attend den meetings.

  • Pack camp outs are twice a year, Fall and Spring at Cub World @ Tom Wooten in Bastrop

  • Scouts in 4th and 5th grade camp as a den a few times a year

  • Scouts entering 2nd to 5th grade may have an optional summer overnight trip


Class A

  • The classic blue or tan button-down shirt, patches, hat, belt, and bottoms (with belt loops) are worn at pack meetings and any scouting event that includes a flag ceremony. *The Class A shirt for scouts in Kindergarten is the official Lion Scout t-shirt.

  • Can purchase at The Stephen Matthews Scout Shop, located at the Fickett Center, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas 78753. Call ahead for store hours. The staff will know exactly what you need and are happy to help.

  • See the Cub Scout Uniform requirements for details.

Class B

The pack orders Class B t-shirts each year. T-shirts are available for approximately $10 each. These t-shirts are great for den meetings, campouts, or other scout activities where a Class A uniform is not required.


  • $25 one-time joining fee

  • $120 Annual Dues; November 1st

  • Uniform and supplies $75 (vary depending on age and options)



Our official method of communicating with parents is through the members-only, Scoutbook Web site. It is important for families to provide a valid email to receive these communications.


GroupMe is used to facilitate discussions as needed between the pack, individual dens, or committees for special events.